Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is why I keep running...

Some days I want to give it up.  Some times, I want to sit on the couch, or curl up under a blanket, and forget the world exists.  But these roads, these rolling hills, they call to me.

Rolling farms, the smell of cut grass, of rain, of earth... it's better than a drug for me.  I start out slow, and curl down hills and around bends, through thickets, and before I know it, I've run 5 miles.  And I keep going.  And someone mowing their lawn and seeing me run by mouths, "Good Job!"  And I feel the tingle of pride start at my toes and I pick up my pace a little more to get up a slight roll of a hill, and I see the countryside opening up around me, and I feel the urge to turn on an unnamed dirt road, and climb to the top of a hill to see just how that sky ends on the other side...

So I run... and I keep running... I don't really care if its road or trail or path, but it's here... this is my home... these are my hills... and I'll run... and if you're ever in the area, and you might want to see, or feel, or smell, or taste this craving that keeps me getting up, even when I'm down... drop me a note... we'll go running...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rainy Day Alternatives...

So although today hasn't been a total washout, like most of the days this week have been, by the time I think the weather has made up it's mind and I get out there, it starts to rain again.  So Eli and I put stickers up in his room.

My boy loves his cars, and when I was running errands last week, I found this decorative wall decal set by Circo.  He already has a comforter and pillow and night lite from the set (and I also picked up a lamp).  It does a really nice job filling up the empty spot that was on that wall, and the stickers come off and go back on pretty well.  I think they cost me about 12.99, and they had different selections that matched different kid decor sets.  This was the "transportation" themed set.
The stickers came in three large sheets curled in this tube, so i was glad I had flattened them with a couple of large books before I started peeling, but since they're sticking to a flat wall, I'm not sure that being curled up would've made much of a difference.

I stuck everything up with careful instruction by the boss.

I think it came out pretty cute.
I couldn't pass up the lamp from the set, since his old lamp was getting a bit babyish for a big boy of 3 1/2.
Yay cars and trucks!
I really like how it turned out...  Now to hope it stops raining this afternoon so we can go on a hike!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yay! Spring! Finally sort of!

It's been a couple weeks since I posted, but the yard is pretty much transformed.  We've had plenty of rain and last week everything was beautiful.
My yard was temporarily purple from all the violets in the yard... I love that.

The cherry/crab apple hybrid thing I have in the front garden was blooming, filling the air with sweetness, and also lots and lots of buzzing bees.
Sweet Woodruff is great for shady areas... be careful though, it will take over.  I'm going to plant some of it in my side yard and hope it will take over as "lawn" there. 
I love these phlox.  The tiny yellow center is sweet.
I mulched my veggie beds well, to keep weeds down and keep the moisture in.  This is broccoli last week.  I'll post a picture later in the week, it's already growing like crazy, especially after the rainy day we had yesterday.
My forget-me-nots are growing great.