Friday, August 15, 2008


I was being lazy this week (I thought). Playing a lot of Warcraft, skipping my exercise. Yesterday and today, I blew all that away.

I mowed the grass and gardened a little yesterday plus vacuumed and tidied up... though lately, tiding up seems to signal to Eli that it's time to get all his toys out and throw them all over the place again. I also pushed the dead car out of the garage and then out of the driveway. Cars are heavy. And don't push them when there isn't anyone in them to hit the breaks. O_o

Today I painted the stairwell and the side door frame, cleaned the garage thoroughly, sorted through and cleaned up some stuff I'm selling, bought 4 baby trees, planted 3 of them, moved 4 giant boulders out of the yard with my step dad, cleaned up some brush, saved a giant spider and her eggs from total destruction, mulched and watered said trees... and I think that's it.

Now my feet and back hurt, and I'm sunburnt, but I feel very accomplished to have finished in one day what I have been procrastinating and have believed would take me forever. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt the second to the last leg of the Gerard trail that i want to hike. My hope for doing a 1 or 2 night backpacking trim seems to be growing slimmer as the days are getting shorter... and we seem to have something planned every week from now until the end of fall.

Well, a least i kind of know what I'm doing this weekend...