Sunday, October 17, 2010

The beginning of the end...

 We all went hiking yesterday.  "Tsuga!" my son says, when I ask where we should hike.  About a mile round trip, and he hikes great.  The leaves are gone from a lot of the maples.  A lot of the trees are done, with really just Oaks and Beeches and a few others clinging.  We've defiantely shifted from greens/bright colors to bright/muddy colors/empty crowns.

The sky was amazing yesterday.

 Grove of maples, all empty...

 Still a lot of beautiful colors...

We did more raking... the story of my life for another 2 months, at least.  And this morning I got up and ran 9 miles.  It was beautiful and cool and crisp and sunny.  I have this thing... i like to run on roads.  I run on road I always want to turn onto in my car, but I'm always on my way somewhere or other.  So when I run, I pick the roads I wouldn't drive on... I pick the most indirect-winding ways.  I pick the road that only one car can drive on  at a time.  I look at gardens and yards, and fields.  I watch for deer, or birds.  Today I saw Cedar Waxwings everywhere.  I think about how much I miss living in the country... I let my feet pound the pavement and let my brain drift along the landscape....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn Weekends...

are too few.  Last weekend we enjoyed Applefest in Franklin, this weekend started with the little guy and I picking out pumpkins.  We found a free place in Conneaut Lake (I think next weekend will be the head up to the farm place and do hay rides and such).

Al's Melons has tons of produce, lots of pumpkins, and a mini corn maze.  Don't take your 6-12 year olds here.  They'll be bored.  But OMG the three year old was thrilled.

How 'bout this one Mommy?
Corn maze fun.  It was hard for me to catch a photo of him he was moving so fast.
Mommy, you go that way.

We picked out a few pumpkins for the porch and maybe to later carve.  Also picked up some unpasturized apple cider to mull.... MMmmmm

Today we woke up and decided to go on a hike down at Oil Creek State Park.  Really, this is my favorite state park in the area.  I wish we lived closer than 40 minutes, but really for as great and amazing as it is, it's not that much sacrifice to drive there.

We picked the Wildcat Hallow trails, which is a series of looping trails that take you through wetlands, forest, past relics of the Oil Boom, and through amazing rock formations on the geology trail.  The total Mileage, even if you took all the trails is probably only a 2.5 mile loop.  We ended up doing a little under 2 miles, and little guy was great the entire time.  I did hoist him up to my shoulders in some of the trickier spots, and there was a bit of hand holding on some of the slicker bridges and steeper slopes, but for 3, he's an amazing hiker.  The dog and husband also had a blast.  We even resisted the urge to stop somewhere for lunch on the way home.
 Lots of bridges
The Family
Mommy saves the day!
This will teach me to complain about my knee.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to do a long run, but relaxing is pretty much in store for the rest of the weekend.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The one thing about autumn...


I do love leaves.  But every October through the end of November, we rake.  We rake and rake and rake and mulch and rake and mow and rake.  I used to mind a lot more when i was 20-30 pounds heavier and would get winded going up a flight of stairs.  Now I can handle raking a yard-full of leaves several times a week for a month or two.  Really.  I mean, leaving them on the lawn isn't an option.  It'll kill the weeds.. er.. grass that make up the front yard.  So I mulch them, I rake them, I put them in the compost pile, I spread them over the raised beds, I stick them in the flower gardens.

But mostly, I rake them, throw them on a tarp, and pull them out into the street for the city to pick up and then mulch for whatever use our city deems fit.

On beautiful days, I really don't mind it, and the kiddo had a blast today.  I need to re-develop my raking callouses, but otherwise, I'm READY!

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the beautiful weather after a week of rain, and enjoy the colors of the leaves...
And I think the kiddo is enjoying the weather too...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tired Friday...

Been sleepy all day today.  Maybe because I woke up before 6, then the kiddo was up, so I just stayed up.  Today was a tidying up day.  I cut the little one's hair, then decided the dog might as well get trimmed too (I used different scissors).  Had a friend stop by to visit after lunch, then decided to do some work outside.

I finished up most of my garden putting to sleep, then decided to split some perennials while I was thinking about it.
I moved some Black-eyed Susans, several types of thyme, some sedum, some pinks, and several other things that I'm not sure what they are, but I'll find out next spring/summer when they bloom!  I think I got some phlox, some type of lily, some mums, and a bleeding heart.  I'll be happy if these splits thrive.  I know the soil is pretty nice, but I hope there is enough sun. I also mulched them with the rest of my early summer mulch.  Good luck little perennials!

Creeping Thyme!
  I also limed the garden under the pine tree.  The ground cover gets sparse, due to maybe acidity, or an Australian Shepherd running around in the stuff... but liming it last fall seemed to encourage it to grow this summer, so I'm hoping for the best for next summer as well.
I also put up some Halloween decor.  I do get too crazy, but I do like the house to feel somewhat seasonal. Boogily Boogily!