Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring can't get here soon enough...

I know it's been a while, but today started the productivity of spring, even if it's still too cold to go outside without heavy coat, gloves, hat, boots and skis.

I decided this year, for my seed starting, I would be a good little naturalist and recycler and re-use my plastic seed starting containers from last year, and buy those little expanding dirt pellets in bulk instead.  Burpee sold the pellets in bulk, so I bought them up (along with some lettuces, some biodegradable plant pots, and some Roma tomato seeds), and waited for "planting" day.  I worry I'm a bit early this year, but something is urging me along, so I'll go with it.

I've read a little about planting here and there, so the first thing I did this morning was throw the old stuff in the tub with a bit of bleach, let them soak a bit, then rinsed them off.  That should kill any fungus or bad mojo sitting around on my containers while they were living in the cold garage all winter.
Soaking in the tub! 
"lemon" scented bleach.  A lie.  Still smells entirely too much like bleach.
He was helping me stack them up across the bathroom when they were clean and rinsed.

I moved the "greenhouses" downstairs, let them air dry for a couple hours, then went to work.  I stuck the dry pellets in (rounded side up), then poured hot water over them.

Dropped in an assortment of tomato, cucumber, and broccoli seeds, and now I just have to let the sunshine and water and soil do their jobs.  I can't wait until I can plant all the lettuces I have.  But... the beds outside aren't quite ready...
Brrrr... Time to go curl up in bed with a cup of tea and enjoy the last few weeks of snow and cold a little longer...