Thursday, July 24, 2008

My hiking misadventure

So i prepared last night for a long hike with baby and zoe. Packed everything up, so i could just hop in the car early this morning and get to my favorite hiking spot.

Was up at 6, on the road by 7, on the trail before 8. We walked, and it was pretty... then it all went downhill when i fell down.

It was only a minor stumble. My hiking stick slipped on a slick bridge, and I went down, catching myself with the heel of my hand on a rock. Baby was ok. My hand was numb, but seems only bruised. I got up, dusted myself off, and we continued. I took lots of pictures of this beautiful pine forest. I went to mark the spot on my gps, and my gps was off. Hmm... battery dead. !@#$!# I'm trying to chart the entire trail using my gps... so i fail at that today as well. We continue walking. I notice baby doesn't have his hat. !@#$#@! I walk back a half mile, and hooray - I find it on the ground. Stuff that in my pocket, and continue on. We come to a split in the trail leading to a waterfall .5 mile. I, against my better judgment, but going with the explorer part of me, travel down the trail. And I mean DOWN. Steep. I curse myself as I think of how hard this will be to climb back up with 30 odd pounds of baby and gear on my back. I reach the stream. No waterfal. !@#$!#@ I climb back up the hill. I rejoin the trail.

I hear a slight booming in the distance. Hmm I hope that was a truck or some piece of heavy machinery on a nearby road somewhere. I hurry my pace a bit. I hear more booming. !@#$@#! I go faster. Poor zoe is gimping a bit, we've walked so far. I can't turn around, I've already gone probably 3 miles. I know I have 3 miles at least more to go, but I know if i reach the bike trail, at least it will be flat and paved walking. More rumblings. I find the split in the trail that leads to the bike trail. I step on to paved surface. More rumbling behind me. I walk faster. I jog. !@#$!@# sky opens up. Baby screams, not quite understanding the concept of rain on his poor little head. I know there is a shelter up ahead somewhere. I keep going. soaked, baby screaming. I see lightning. !@#!@# I think about if baby will live if i get struck by lightning. I see a shelter up ahead, and 2 bikers are there. They generously offer me the shelter. I scurry in, give zoe a treat, and change baby's diaper and feed him a little while we wait for the rain to calm down. It calms down. I wait for zoe to finish her bone. It rains harder. I leave, knowing it's about 2 more miles to the car. Baby screams again. Parental panic strikes, I think i've killed my child with hypothermia or pneumonia. I hobble/walk/jog/hobble as fast as i can. baby screams and cries. The rain lets up, baby continues to scream and cry. I start singing annoying songs, and baby calms down. The sun comes out. The gnats come out. The gnats try to devour us. I see the car! YAY

I get baby changed into dry clothes, i put zoe in the car, I get baby in his seat, I cover him up so he gets warm. I change my shirt. I make small talk with old biker guys who stop. (thankfully they did not see me changing my shirt). I lay all my soaked gear out in the trunk, check the map, and head out the scenic way. I get back to the nearest town, get myself BK, and then drive home.

I'm scrubbed, anti-poisonivied, baby is changed and playing, and zoe is de-harnassed and sleeping.

It was still a good hike. I can't wait to go back this weekend :D But maybe I'll kayak this time.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

not enough time

the last couple of days have been fast paced, but good. Dad and his wife were in town, which was good. It was nice seeing them and the baby loved playing with them. I also got to visit with my aunt and uncle that I haven't seen for a couple years. It's amazing how easily you can reconnect with family even after a long period of time. I wish I had more money to travel... It would be nice to go to AZ to visit them... and get out to visit other people I've been missing as well.

I've been having my usual summer nostalgia about the upcoming Medieval Faire. Tuesday was one of those days where I just couldn't shake the idea of wanting to search for some of the people I had known back then. It's been eleven years. Wow... typing that makes it seem so much longer than my head ever thought it was.... it's poignant. I always wonder what i'd do or say if i bumped into him on the street...

Anyway.... I finished reading the robin hobb trilogy i was on... I think i'm going to take a little break from reading for a bit... I tend to get too sucked up into the book and don't do the other things that i should be doing...

So today I think i'm going to relax and play with baby... calling for rain much of the day, so I think the most i'll be doing outside is weeding the garden.

Off to lay down for a little while as baby takes his morning nap.