Saturday, August 21, 2010


So I have a new project.  Since I finished painting the bedroom, and it's mostly decorated, and I finished re-screening the screen porch, since little fingers/paws/noses have enlarged holes in the screen which were there when we moved in... Stripping the radiators!

My husband has been on me for a while about how the paint on the radiators is robbing us of money and efficiency!  So goodbye painted radiators.  Hello antique looking metal.
I actually think it's going to look really nice.  I'm using a goop called Citristrip.  It seemed to work in about 4 hours on the radiator.  I wanted to test a small portion, and it just wiped right off.  I think tomorrow I'll spray most of it with the stuff before we head out in the morning, then see what has happened by the time we get back.  It does smell like oranges, but I don't think I'd want to sleep in the same room where the stuff is doing it's work.

Also - the finished bedroom.  Mostly finished.

I think the green came out pretty well (It looks kinda yellow in the last pictures from the interior light.

The Screen porch also looks great.  I still have a little trim on the outside to finish... and you really can't tell from these photos that there is screen there... but it's unripped and great!  I promise!

Tomorrow, maybe off to get new couches that aren't 24 years old.  Woo.  And maybe a chaise lounge!!!  I'm thrilled.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I know it's been a while... but here I am again...

So It's been... 2 months since I last posted?  Summer has been kind of a whirlwind.  I wish I could say I've been super productive...  but... not so much.  I did get the bedroom finished, and the garden is still doing well.  We had to sell my beloved car... *sniff*  But we're doing alright with only one vehicle so far, until I can get my little beater truck to haul my own dirt and mulch and wood and boulders and such in.  Whee!

We've also had company come to visit us, gotten away one or two weekends ourselves, and pretty much just chase the almost-three-year-old around.  It's exhausting.

Some of my cherry tomatoes.  These are called "Italian Ice, and don't get much darker than the shade of yellow on the end.
Black Krim.  It's kind of deformed.  I don't think that will affect the taste.
The tomato dedicated beds have gone a little wild.  I've done my best to prop them up, but the fruit on the ground seems to be doing fine.
Mmmm.  Can't wait to sample this one on a burger.
A different cherry tomato variety.  Also yellow.  Very sweet though.  MMmmmm.
Broccoli in bloom.  The butterflies LOVE this stuff.
Just some of the tomatoes I picked today.  I gave as many away two days ago.  Did cut some up to put on tacos tonight.  Mmmmm. 
Finally. The finished room.  I picked a mossy green color.  It looks really nice.
The trim was a pain to paint.  Also need to figure out what i'm doing with the radiator.  Going to try to use some "non-toxic" goop to strip the paint off and see what shape the poor things are in underneath.  Would like to have the old iron show through, but if it looks disasterous, might have to find out how one can deal with ugly radiators.
Mmmm raspberry crisp.  I was inspired today.  And this was one of the easiest things I've ever made.
As long as I have a fear of making pies, I think I'll stick to crisps.  Mmmm Happy Desserting!