Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kayaking through the wilds...

So tonight, I made dinner.  Beef stew.  I had a plan.  Have dinner ready right when hubby got home, then coerce him to maneuver the cars so I could go kayaking.  My plan succeeded. I hopped in the wagon with the baby, he jumped in the car with the kayak.  We met up at where I would end up at the finish of my kayak journey, jumped back into my car with the kayak, drove up to where I wanted to start my trip, he dropped me off, then returned to fetch the other car whilst leaving my car there so I could bring the kayak home when I was finished.

Whew.  I know.  Sounds complicated. And it is.  But really, it's the easiest way to start out a kayak trip and not have to worry about relying on someone to pick you up after.  And I knew I could take my time without inconveniencing hubby or baby or hopefully any rescue authorities (since I left my PFD, BAD TIFFANY).

So I started out.  I love kayaking here.  It's the outlet of Geneva Swamp, which is an outlet for Conneaut lake, so the small stream is called Conneaut Oulet, I think.  It starts at a rusty old bridge on the opposite side of the swamp and is this beautiful, nature, life-filled, secluded place.  It never passes a residence except when it meets French Creek.  I always see a ton of bird life, insects, and mammals.  Ranging from bald eagles, muskrats, owls, red-winged black birds, frogs, turtles, herons, deer, insects of all shapes and sizes and colors and bite proficiency (bring lots of spray), and more!  There is also a myriad of plant life, from flowers to grasses to soo much poison - ivy in certain areas I try not to splash the water on myself for fear that I will get it purely by contact with the water the stuff is growing all around.

Tonight was no exception to the wild-life sightings.  I found out that snapping turtle can climb pretty scary high up in mostly horizontal trees.  Even giant snapping turtles.  I swear it was trying to ambush me.

I also found out that the bald eagle that lives in this area perches in the same trees every damn time I kayak, and I always forget about this until the next time I kayak there and still miss the tree it is in until I'm under the tree and hear the great WHOOSH SHOOSH of wings.
I also did not take my telephoto lens.  So here the guy/girl is, if you can make it out.  Also, while I was floating along, enjoying the beauty of this majestic bird of prey, 2 immature baldies flew back and forth around the parent.
We've had a ton of rain in recent days, so the water is very high... but this place is so beautiful an quiet and amazing.  I always feel like the only person alive in the world when I go here.  Until some plane flies over or I hear the clunk of a truck crossing a bridge in the distance...

Then there was the most exciting part of the evening.  The strange creature did not move from the bank of the creek as I got closer.  She stared at me.  I stared at her.
Why Hello there!  Aren't you Cute!
And Inquisitive!  I have to say that seeing this little heifer during my kayak trip was the highlight.  I've always liked cows.  She came right over to check me out, and when I didn't offer her more than a couple sweet words, she turned and headed back away from the bank.  It made my night.

I really love kayaking back here.  I always see/hear/feel/experience something new.  I always get a greater appreciation of nature and how much more life there is around water...  oh, and mosquitoes.  Lots of bug spray.