Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trail running.

I ran 6 miles today.  On the trail.  It was difficult.  And incredibly easy.  The miles just melted by.  But my feet are a bit bruised by rocks and roots.  I felt so attached to the trail, with my feet squishing through mud, slipping on leaves, hoping on rocks and roots that were too big to avoid.  It was amazing.  There are some cross country ski trails down near Titusville, PA.  The biggest loop is 6 miles, and there is a network of trails running through.  It's pretty hilly (I had to walk a little bit), but it's also very secluded.  My ultimate running goal is to run thisOil Creek Ultra-marathon.  I know. I'm being a bit hasty... I need to get to a half marathon first.  Then a marathon.  Then maybe 30 miles... then we'll see...

I did take a spill when my toe caught on a root.  Smashed my hip and shoulder into the ground.  Luckily it was pine needles I fell on and not rocks or just hard trail.  I didn't move for a few seconds, made sure nothing was broken, then got up and kept going.   I feel a little sore, but we'll see if more bruises appear tomorrow.
Here is the little cross country ski cottage - very cute. 
Here are my muddy, slightly bruised and scraped feet!  My next plan is to road run from here to my mom's.  8 miles.  This week.

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