Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First (real) spring hike

So after washing some windows this morning, running the vacuum, and making a surprise lunch for hubby (meatloaf sandwich with fries and gravy, he was pleased), the baby and I decided to go for a hike.

We went over to the Erie National Wildlife Refuge to hike the Deer Run Trail, which is about 3 miles round trip.  I like this trail because it meanders over varied terrain, there are fields and woods and water, and it loops back around, which is always better than doubling back.  The baby walked for about 10 feet before he cried "Uppies Uppies!"  So I resorted to the baby backpack.

 He was very excited about a pine cone that I picked up for him.  He later will gift it to Daddy, he told me.  The wildlife was limited... it's still pretty early, but we did see a chickadee which even volunteered to get close enough to see what we were up to, and several woolie-bears crossed our path on the trail.

The baby was a trooper the entire time, very excited, talking about the sky ("Sky Blue), the trees ("Beeeeggg Tree!), and the state of the ground (Beeeegg Hole!).  Having the hike narrated the entire time wasn't a bad thing.  We talked about what color everything was, I showed him thorns and pine cones and let him touch bark and pine trees.  Pointed out geese and a butterfly...  I know it's never too early to start, and he enjoyed the entire hike. So did the dog, though i think she may have been more happy if she had caught a chipmunk.

 I think tomorrow, (or soon) I will work in the yard.  My crocuses are in full bloom, and I want to work on the yard while it's still mooshy.

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