Saturday, March 20, 2010

On the last day of winter...

I mostly did things that were very springlike.  I was slothful (sort of) this morning, and after staying up too late and not sleeping great, rose a bit later than usual, puttered around the house and online, and played with the baby while hubby went for a bike ride.  Not a really energetic start.

Finally, I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and filled up my camelback up (a necessity when trail running; who wants things bouncing around on your back or in your hands when you're on the trail).  When hubby got home, I drove out to a longish trail I knew, and with the dog in her bright orange, off we went, down the trail.

It was amazing.  I do ok running on roads or paved trails.  But I really love love love trail running, especially in my 5s.  It's tricky, don't get me wrong.  I had numerous foot stubbings on roots, several squashings in particularly muddy places, some harrowing jumps over very spikey crab apple tree branches that I wasn't eager to find out if the rubber soles of the 5s would keep out and wow, beech leaves are REALLY slippery when you run on them.  But I FELT like I was running fast, and a mile and a half was gone before I knew it.  I reached the end of the trail and turned around and headed back to the trail head.  I ran about 3.5 miles total, which I was a little bummed that the trail wasn't longer... Maybe I'll just have to run it twice next time.  I did re-open a blister on my foot that I got during the race last week, but I didn't go so long as to hurt it worse.  The dog had a great time, splashing in overflowing streams and pausing to see if the few chipmunks we heard were worth chasing.  But we soon got back to the car, and leaving the windows open, drove home.  There are not more pictures of this hiking experience because I was already carrying a gps and a hydration pack and somehow I doubt running with my digital SLR would be good for the camera.

I came home to this young speed demon tearing around the yard. I couldn't even get him to stop for a photo-op.  I caught him later though, because I made his favorite for dinner, "pancakes."

Which is actually naan.  And is sooooo yummy.  The baby helped me roll it out, then I grilled it while Jason made red curry pork and rice and veggies and omg.... burning the calories on the trail run was worth it.
It was delicious.  And being super super hungry made it even better.  Oh, and you can find the recipe I use for naan here.  We don't just eat it with curry.  We make it whenever we can conceive of an excuse to eat it.  We make sandwiches out of it.  We make peanut-butter and jelly on it.  When the child sees these being made, we must wheel and deal him to eat the rest of his dinner before this.  I don't even put the minced garlic it calls for in.  And this time I was super-duper lazy and just made the dough in the bread machine.  Try it.  Your mouth will thank you.  And so will anyone you feed it too, including two year olds that say "Thank you momEE"

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Jason said...

If you want an excellent riff off the naan, she didn't tell you I make BLT's out of them. If you make them just thick enough to slice, use a slice of your favorite cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato, and a little mustard and mayo, then melt them either in the oven or microwave for a bit, they are the best sandwiches ever.