Friday, March 12, 2010


*pant, wheeze, gasp*

I'm getting nervous about the 10k race tomorrow.  Not really about the race itself.  I know I can run 6 miles.  I know i can run it in under and hour and a half.  I'm nervous about finding the place to pick up the papers and how cold and icky it will be running in the rain and the wind and the smoosh.  I'm nervous about people commenting about my toe shoes, and I'm nervous about the crowds.

But adrenaline is good, and hubby is making me a yummy protein and carb filled dinner tonight, and I got myself new running pants with a pocket to put my energy boosting jelly-beans.  I also got a waterproof jacket that I'm not sure about wearing due to breathe-ability.  We'll see.  I'll make sure I make a nice long post after I recover tomorrow.

Anyway, I don't really have any pictures to post, so i will leave you with this:

Zoe dog on her favorite place on the couch.

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