Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Patrick's Day 10k

Here I am.  Pre-race.  Jittery, excited, and COLD.  It was 40 degrees, windy and sprinkly off and on.  My poor toes in the vibrams were soooo cold just standing around and walking around.  We got there too early, because I was nervous and didn't know what parking or crowdedness level or where things would be.  But Everything was set up really well, and I got my number and my shirt (see below) and I was off.

It was a little disheartening to be passed up right away by so many people, but i think that's what happens when you position yourself at the front of the pack when you know you're going to be more near the end.  I was at the end of the middle, I like to think.  I started probably a little faster than normal due to adrenaline and the flow of people around me, but then I settled into an even pace, running on the shoulder in the mud at times, then running on the edge of the road, then back.  I ran the entire race, not pausing to walk, and I was happy to have my water bottle because when I grabbed a cup of water at one of the water break stations, the wind blew the water all over me and out of the cup anyway.

I finished well, at about 1:05 (I'm not sure what the official time was... will have to see if they post it).  My feet are pretty sore and the vibrams did give me some little slices on a few parts of the side and top of my foot.  I may have to look at going back and forth between the vibrams and my other shoes until I develop some better callouses or something.

Anyway, I got a nice long sleeved t-shirt, and I get to say that I've run a 10k.  I'm pretty happy.  I think I may try to continue to run 5-10ks this summer and work up to that half-marathon on September 26.  I really want to increase my pace.  So I need to work on those tempo run thingies.  Now to go put my feet up and probably fall asleep in front of the TV.

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