Sunday, March 7, 2010


Broccoli sprouts
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I can't believe this little guys are already this big after being in soil less than a week! At this rate I'll be eating fresh broccoli in no time. The only problem is, the ground is still very snow covered and frozen... I hate to tell the little sprouts to slow down but at this rate...

I got the seed starting stuff at Home Depot for about $8 for 72 cells and 72 little self-inflating compressed dirt pellets. Just add water. Very space-aged, and the baby loved "helping" mommy adjust and move the dirt pellets around... then once they had sucked up the warm water and turned to earth, he was happy to poke at them with the stainless steel chopsticks i was using as tools to move stuff around.

I've planted 4 different types of tomatos, thyme and broccoli. The rest of my lettuces and veggies tel me to plant them right in the garden a couple of weeks before the danger of frost. I might plant a few more things in the cells, but i'll wait until the snow is gone at least.

Next thing on today's list. Prepare to strip Wallpaper.

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