Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Day After.

So this morning I was sore.  Walking around wasn't a problem.  Going up and down the stairs was.  I also felt very tired and kinda sick, but I think the sick was caused by gorging myself on Panera after the race then eating nothing for dinner.

Anyway - I've loosened up through the day and feel mostly better.  Except my feet.  Which hurt.

My Vibrams rubbed my poor inner feet raw.  Just the red marks you see here are hurty.  My little toes were awful last night, but are fine today.  Just the scrapes are irritating.  I didn't feel these at all while i was running, perhaps because I froze the first 3 layers of skin before the race and they didn't thaw until we were in the car on the way home.  I'm a little disappointed but I'm hoping that the combination of the wet and cold and mud and dirt and things were what caused this to happen. I've never blistered and been scraped to this extent, and I've ran at least 5 miles before.  So I'll switch to more traditional running shoes until these scrapes heal, then try the 5's again.

My "official time" was 1:04 something somthing, and I was 217th to finish.  I'm overall happy.  Probably will try to do a 5k in April.

  Now to go see if I can coerce the husband to make me brownies.  MMmmmm chocolate victory brownies.

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