Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day (also known as Pap's Birthday)

Yes. I'm wearing green.  But I'm not thinking about leprechauns.  I'm thinking about this guy:

This is my pap-pap Hrach as I remember him.  Wearing that white tee, putting Christmas or birthday bows on his head (I think a good 40 percent of the photos I have of Pap are with bows on his head).

The 17 of March is (was) his birthday.  I always remember when I was little being so pleased on St. Patricks' Day that I was part Irish, that we lived on Irish road, and that Pap's birthday was on St. Patrick's day.  What could be more Irish than that.

Today I was thinking about him and my Grandma Hrach alot.  I thought how we rolled down the big steep hill on the left side of their yard... while I was feeding the baby peanut butter for lunch, I thought about how they used to through the ends of the loaves of bread out to the birds, and just how much fun I had in that house with them.

I miss them.  And I don't often wax poetic about missing my loved ones.  But I do.  And today, I'll wear green, and think about Pap-pap, and miss the people that are gone a lot, and maybe be a little sad.

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Jason said...

I love this post.