Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blue Evening

The snow always looks so blue in the evening as the sun disappears. We must have more than a dozen cardinals out there in the dusk, bright red spots on the blue-white snow. We have over two feet of snow now, but I don't mind. I don't mind driving in it, I don't mind shoveling it, and I really love how it changes the landscape.

The beginning of a new year. Time to try new things, to get outside more, to reflect more, and to just be me. I know sometimes I'm nasty, I know sometimes I'm crazy, but I'm trying my best, and I'll try harder.

The past few weeks we've cleaned the house. Pared down things we don't "need." Less things, less possessions. Because when it comes down to it, life is about the people you love, the people you laugh with and want to spend time with. Do I need stuff to do that? Maybe sometimes, and I'm not getting rid of my running things, and I'm not getting rid of my books, but less clutter, less to worry about.

So tonight I'm going to curl up with To Kill a Mocking Bird, maybe use the elliptical after dinner, and try to live and learn and love throughout the year without being jealous and petty and feeling like i need to be anchored by comparisons and competition and the idea of "stuff." I haven't been happy in the past by living that way, so it's time to make another change, hopefully for the better and to last.

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