Friday, January 4, 2013

Afraid of Pie Crust... No more!

Today, under the tutelage of my best friend, I made my first pie of my adult life. Oh, I bake. I've made cakes and crisps and cookies and breads and rolls and buns. I've taken those frozen pies from fund-raisers and baked them, to the disappointment of my taste-buds, but today, I finally found the success of a flakey, buttery pie crust filled with blueberries Eli and I picked last summer. It was amazing and simple, and I'm fairly confident in my ability to do it again!

Oohhh sweet mystery of pie at last I've found you....

Now, adventures in pie will continue. Waistline, beware. I will have to increase my running mileage to adapt, but I am willing. Now I'm thinking of chicken pies, cottage pies, fruit pies, chocolate pies... banana creme, coconut creme..

So many pies, so little time...

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