Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Reading list - Grapes of Wrath - finished

I finished Grapes of Wrath tonight. I have to say I think it ended... abruptly. I'm interested to read a little about it online, to see what other people think of it. It was a compelling story, if depressing.

I also successfully baked a lattice-topped apple pie. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, but I think I could find a better recipe. I will not be continuing the weekly pie baking, though. I need to eat better... but mmm.... pie.

Because of said pie (or at least partially because of the pie) I went out and had a really nice 8.5 mile run around the state game lands. I didn't see any critters, but saw lots of tracks, and got a good workout running along the snowy and somewhat sloppy roads. Tomorrow I'll take a day off or do some cross training. I'd like to get back to the pool to work on my swimming at some point, but I really really want to ramp up my running a bit more, since my mile-a-day thing last year kind of sapped my interest. I'm back into it now and very enthusiastic.

Now to decide which book to read next, and get a good night sleep.

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