Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reading List 2013

So last night, I decided the next book on the list would be a re-read of The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorn.  Mostly because I needed some thick plot and some flowery writing to break me out of Breakfast of Champions.  I haven't read the book since high school, so we'll see how it goes.  I might do the Crucible after that, and stay in the early New England theme.

I have to say, though I've lost about 40 pounds in the last 2 years, one drawback is how cold I am in the winter.  It doesn't seem to matter if I wear socks, long sleeves, layers, I still have this chill.  Maybe this week it's just getting over sick, and hopefully I'll be better (and warmer) soon.  Until then, I'm breaking out the heating pad.


Pam J. said...

Vonnegut: I can relate. I've tried reading Cat's Cradle a couple of times, with no success, and have always hoped to read Breakfast of C's. I just skimmed over the Wikipedia entry for B of C and, nah, I'm not even going to try. Experimental fiction is just too much work for not enough payoff. I recently read a collection of essays by him which I enjoyed: A Man Without a Country. So maybe that will be it for me and old Kurt.

Hope you enjoy re-reading The Scarlet Letter!

Hrach_Garden said...

Thanks Pam!