Saturday, January 12, 2013

Unseasonal Weather

It was 55 degrees out today when I looked at the temperature gauge on the car.  I did yardwork.  I cut back saplings that had encroached on my garden.  I picked up a bunch of sticks, I picked up dog dirt.  I endured the little yappy dogs that now live behind our house and are fence in their yard, but who evidently did not appreciate me walking around in my backyard.  Zoe barked at them a couple of times, then gave up.

I enjoy winter.  I like the change of seasons, and I like doing things in the snow.  I don't mind warm days like today, but, I worry.  And I have a race tomorrow that I think I'd rather run in 8 degrees than in the slop on the trails that it's going to be tomorrow.  Either way, it will be fun!

I don't mind the strange warm days here and there, but I do worry about what it means for the environment in general... and I won't preach about climate change, I'll just think what I think, but I do worry about drought and the death of species and the health of trees and plants and things like that.  But Nature adapts, and so do we, so I got a little done outside today, and I'll run a race in short sleeves tomorrow and be covered in mud and wet instead of 3 layers and frost forming on my hair and eyelashes like last year, and I'll enjoy the company of my fellow runners, and have a good day.  And next week, hopefully it will snow again.

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