Sunday, January 6, 2013


That's how many years I've known my best friend. We spent some time together this weekend, our little boys playing together, our families chatting and having dinner, and it's odd to me, but comforting, how well we've stayed so close over such years and distance. We are busy with our lives, our babies, our jobs, school, relationships, but we always come winging back, like satellites.

I don't know how other adult friendships really go, but there's something about my best friend, a comfort, that I miss. Maybe it was countless long nights with me falling asleep while she read books on my floor when we had sleep-overs, or countless bike-rides up and down the road to visit her for days, and then ride back home... that ride home always seemed so much more difficult than the ride to her house... was it really the uphills, or was it just going home.

My parents had me and my brother. But I had a sister when I was young. And I still have her now. No matter how upset or disgruntled and discouraged I get by life, I know she's right there, even if she's not right here, to do that listening that she is always so good at...

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