Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Coming Home

I only work a couple days a week. On other days, I hang out with my family, exercise, clean, run errands, and stay pretty busy. But It doesn't matter how long I work, or if my work week is short or long, when I come home, I get the best greeting. Yeah, I get greeted by Jason and Eli, but there isn't anything quite like being welcomed home by Zoe.

She's always there, right at the door, and I can hear her "happy" bark. (This bark differs a lot from the oh-my-god-it's-the-mailman-AGAIN bark). When I come in the door, I'm greeted by her wiggling rear-end, and her happy OooOoOOOo howl.

Maybe you have to be a dog person to get the happy feeling it gives me to scritch her neck and give her a hug that she's so glad to see me. I like to think she missed me being home, that her girl is back with her, and all is right in the world. And once the chaos of dinner and getting ready for tomorrow is over, we sit down and relax, and she's never far, or warming my feet, like she is right now.

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