Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let us start planting!

With spring moving right along at a speedy pace, I got out to Home Depot to get a bit more supplemental dirt to add to my beds, and get some of my lettuce started.  The baby helped me spread the dirt evenly before I planted the seeds.
He's such a good helper.  What a great day to be outside too. The flowering shrubs behind us were spreading a lovely scent over the backyard. 
 Spinach, Mescalin mix, and Lettuce in.  Wet the dirt down a bit to help the seeds start and keep the dirt from blowing away.  I decided, once the leafy greens were in, I'd wash the new car.
There's just something about washing a new car... getting to know how it looks and where the trouble spots might be... anyway... I got a lot done this morning, and am pretty happy.  May try for a run with the baby in the jogging stroller if the thunderstorms hold off today.

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