Wednesday, April 14, 2010


They are my favorite flower.  I've found them growing wild in the wet-land parts of the Erie National Wildlife Refuge, but I've finally gotten a bunch of them to make a comfy home in the edge of my lawn near the compost pile.  They look lovely this year, and are spreading like mad, which is exactly what I wanted.  I wanted to have them in my wedding bouquet... but it was august.  I've since found them still in bloom in the swampiest areas of ENWR in August... but hindsight is better than foresight, as they say... Anyway, I'll enjoy the tiny blue blooms for as long as they'll last in my yard...
Also made the rounds to the raised beds, and I have tiny lettuce sprouts starting!
The sprouts are from a mesclun mix I tossed around part of the bed... Mmm soon we will have mixed greens.  My other lettuce is sprouting as well, but no sign of the spinach.  I'm hoping to see them peeping any day now.  I will get the other lettuce planted this weekend probably, and transplant some of my seedlings that are starting to get a bit leggy.  I've been shuttling them in and out every day and night trying to harden them off, and I think they're pretty much there.  They probably just want to spread out their roots at this point.
The Bleeding Heart I got from my mom last fall is doing wonderfully.  I didn't think it would be blooming this soon, but the protected area in the ivy bed seems to be perfect for it.  I'm not sure how long it will bloom for, but i'm thinking of splitting it at the end of the season and putting a couple more around in the back yard for a more forest-garden feel, near my ferns and Ivy back there.
I have no idea what this is.  If anyone knows, tell me.  I bought it at a garage sale last year and it's doing great as well.   But again, no clue.
This is a flowering shrub in the front yard.   Again, no idea.  But very pretty.  I'm happy with how this photo came out as well.
And finally, a new baking toy came for me today!
Mmmm graduated sized cookie/biscut cutters.  I know.  EXCITING.  I can't wait to make all sorts of variously circular things with these.... The wonders will never CEASE!

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Michelle Clay said...

Your purple shrub looks like some sort of plum, perhaps.