Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frustration with macro and powerwashing.

I really would like a macro lens for my camera.  Or something that makes my camera take ok macro shots without me spending $500 plus dollars that I currently have sunk into other projects (like the repainting of our house, but more on that later).
This one came out... ok.  But my 300-zoom lens would NOT for the life of it focus on the purple grape hyacinth.  It's that fuzzy purple thing in the corner.

This one isn't in the realm of macro that I would like.  Someday.  Someday I will conquer this macro thing!  When I have more money and time to invest.  But!  The painters came to my house today.  And power-washed EVERYTHING!  The house is now minus a bunch of chipping paint, and smells clean and also damp.  And somewhat bleachy.  I hope they didn't use bleach near the plants.  At least it'll keep the bugs off.
Nice and torn up and almost ready for a fresh coat of paint.  Woo!  The guys said the house needs to dry for a while, so hopefully painting will start next week.  Hoping to get out for a nice walk with the baby and the dog tomorrow and get some more flower photos in.  Some of those spring flowers are ephemeral, and there are some I want to photograph before they're gone.


Unknown said...

This is what I use. I LOVE them!!!
Very economical and works wonderfully.


Hrach_Garden said...

Thanks! I will try this! Soon!