Monday, September 20, 2010

Harvest time and Three years old.

So, besides getting a terrible head cold this weekend, and trying to deal with that... I also harvested potatoes from my garden and we celebrated the little one's third birthday.  It's hard to believe...

I wanted to get more done in the yard and garden this weekend, but the stuffiness and sore throat and general malaise really prevented me.  Hopefully I'll shake the rest of this off today and can resume my healthy activities tomorrow... I hope... I'm also feeling lazy about not running... stupid sickness.

Red potatoes that I pulled out of the ground.  I'm going to save some of the smaller ones over the winter and see if i can re-seed them next year.  Not more than a meal of potatoes, but it's still nice to have them out of my own garden, instead of shipped from Idaho.  I'm hoping my garlic bulbs arrive soon so I can get them in before we get our frost.  It will be soon.

Lil Red-head is 3.  Crazy.  I celebrated his birthday in my own way by watching "Dirty Jobs" which is what I was watching  in the hospital while I was in labor.
The play castle instantly became a garage... but what can you do.  He seemed to really enjoy the day though, even if he was running a fever and had to wipe his nose every 3 minutes...  Hopefully we'll all be better soon!

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Michelle Clay said...

Happy birthday little guy, and feel better soon!