Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Day, Another Hike

So this morning, I woke up too early (well, baby woke up too early), so I did all my morning stuff, took care of baby, then put him back to bed for a little while, then went back to bed myself. Roused both of us around 8, fed him some oatmeal, then we went on our way.

I wanted to go hike the Trolley Line trail, because I haven't been there since last spring, and though it's COVERED in poison ivy, I couldn't dissuade myself.

Trail Map Here

So I started at the little hiker dudes on the right, followed them all the way to the left, then back. It's a 3.5 mile hike. It was great. Zoe found a pool of water, jumped in, and lay down. This is one of the nicer trails that I've walked. It follows an old abandoned railroad grade. The only problem, and a big problem for me, since I hate the stuff, is the poison ivy. I actually gave the dog a bath as soon as I got home, because i didn't want to get poison ivy from her. I also washed everything i was wearing.

It astonishes me that some of the trails I hike have absolutely no poison ivy what so ever, while this one is COVERED with it. Pretty much 90 percent of the trail is covered with it. I wore jeans and hiking boots, and I'm going to have to wash the boots with something... I don't know why I let the stuff bother me so much... It's one of my least favorite things about nature. I don't mind bugs, I don't mind the heat, I could walk through brambles until my skin was gone... but get me within 10 feet of a mass of poison Ivy, and I will go crazy (sort of) I don't even get THAT bad of a reaction to it... just normal... but blah... I just hate how insidious of a plant it is, and with no real benefit. It's not pretty, it doesn't make food, it doesn't have pretty flowers... It just makes this oil that when it touches skin, makes itchy, craptastic blisters.

So... I had a nice walk, but I probably won't be going back here soon... at least not with the dog or the baby... I at least can control where I step, and how thoroughly i can scrub my skin to try to get that invisible oil off of me.

Ok - Crazy rant over - I also got my ipod nano today, so i'm going to play with that for a while, then off to mom's to eat lasagna!


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