Friday, June 6, 2008

Run Down

I'm not sure if it's the opressive heat that we've had yesterday and this morning... but I haven't been feeling quite right. Yesterday started out great... Took the baby and the pup out for a lovely walk in the steamy rain soaked woods. Had to cut the walk a bit short because of the rolling thunder in the distance. I saw a huge amount of forest snails crawling around in the woods, climbing trees, enjoying the humidity. It was perfect. I think rainy, damp mornings are my favorite walking time.

We got back around 11, and there were some HUGE storms rolling in. They were actually very relaxing. The rain came down hard, and it thundered and lightning, but nothing was damaged, and it made things a little cooler, if stickier.

I finished my book that I was reading in 24 hours, and the ending was kind of a let down. And I think that is what started my mood.

Today I'm a little better... I'm going to take the baby swimming after his nap, so that should relax both of us...

I hope so anyway...

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