Monday, June 9, 2008


So my hike with the baby and the puppy, that I thought would take... maybe an hour or two, turned into a 6 mile romp that took 3 hours. I had food and water for baby and puppy and myself, so though it was long, and tiring, it was great! The woods were so pretty and the walk was in shade, and now we are all tired (except for the baby, who rode on my back the entire time).

It felt so good to get out there. I'll try to post the few pictures I took once I download them and fix them up a bit.

I was reminded of the time [info]cresida and I were "lost" in the woods. I had a map! I promise! It just took longer than I expected.

Now i have a headache, so I think I'll take a brief nap, while hubby is involved with the baby, then I'll work on mapping out the trail I walked and posting some pictures.

Hope everyone else is having an exciting weekend!

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