Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's been a pretty good day today. I woke up a little later than i wanted to, but the house was cooler than it was while trying to sleep last night. I opened everything up, even though it was threatening rain. I fed myself, the pup, and the baby, and just enjoyed the morning sitting around.

I did a little mapping with my gps stuff, plotting my trails out on google earth - which worked pretty handily. I need to get my old map data from my pc onto my mac now. I played with baby, and got lunch together for him, and my mom arrived to watch the wee one while I ran some errands.

First I wanted to get a couple of cards for father's day. Personally, I don't see the point in cards. I mean... they're nice. It's nice to get a card in the mail. But at the same time... I'd rather a phone call... or send me an email, or one of those virtual card things... Then I'll know you care, and you'll know I care, but we didn't have to chop down some trees or use post consumer recycled paper for something as frivolous as a card. Anyway.... I don't have that big of a problem with cards... and my parents generation seem to have a fixation on, if you don't send a card, you're out of the will, or the black sheep of the family... anyway I digress

So I go to Hallmark in downtown meadville, and pick out two cards. One for my Dad, and one for my stepdad (my husband saying he'll disown me if i get him a father's day card and couldn't I just get him father's day chicken and biscuits instead. He's my kind of man.). So I go to the counter, lay the cards down, and am in the process of pulling out my credit card, when I see the sign at the register: $10.00 minimum purchase to use a debit/credit card.

I stare at the lady as she stares at my credit card. "I don't carry cash." I say. She agrees, she doesn't carry cash either. I give her the "I'm annoyed." Look. She stammers and tells me I just need to buy another card or two and I'll be over the limit. *sigh* I capitulate. I'm a polite and genial person most of the time, so I buy 2 more cards that I deem all purpose enough to cover my rear the next holiday/birthday/any occasion, and I make my purchase of 10.38 and leave. So i wasted $5 that I could've spent on a book at the used book store, or something else that would've made me less crabby. This is not a policy in most halmark store, I know. It's the "welcome to the podunk town of meadville" So I have sworn I will never buy a card there again. Or anything smelly or papery in appearance that Hallmark sells.

So I reward myself and extend my baby-free time by going up to the used bookstore. I have a couple author's in mind, and I'm really nervous about buying books anymore, because I've bought so many duplicate copies of all the books I own, because I don't carry a list of them around with me. :x They don't have any books by the author's I want, that I don't already own, so i leave, and head to the library.

I find many books by one of the author's I want, check them out, get my name entered in the annual summer prize drawing, and walk back to my car in a gentle rain, and head home.

I checked out 3 more Robin Hobb books. I really enjoy her writing style. I started with Assassin's Apprentice and though it started a little slow, I couldn't put the series down once I got into it. I even ordered the last on from Amazon's used book people, cause I enjoyed it. She builds a very solid and detailed world. So I got the next trilogy out from the library. I'm kind of amazed at the large number of scifi/fantasy books the meadville public library has. It makes me happy.

So now I'm going to immerse myself in the book with a cup of tea while the baby naps, listening to the rain, and then probably go running or work out on the elliptical.

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