Friday, April 22, 2011

Hauling Dirt.

So yesterday, Martin's Mulch delivered 3 yards of dirt.
 Eli was thrilled.  3 yards is about... six small pick-up trucks full of dirt.  A big dump truck dropped it off... I figure I probably saved money having them deliver it than driving six 40 minute round trips with gas prices being what they are.  So I had a large tarp, spread it out, and the nice gentleman dumped the "super-soil" (a mix of compost and topsoil).  I paid him and he was off!

Eli and I started filling the beds yesterday, and finished up this morning.

I put a little of my own compost from the backyard (with worms) in the beds as well, and smoothed out the tops.  It was kind of back breaking, but I wanted to get the soil in before it rained today, which I did!  Whee!
Zoe finds a stick!

Grrr. She does like her sticks.
The remaining soil.  I still think it's at least a yard left, maybe a little less... but I think i'm going to build another bed in the front yard, a garden bed, not necessarily a raised bed, and move my couple of blueberry bushes into a sunnier area.
Grape Hyacinth's coming up.
Forsythia in full bloom finally.

Flowering shrub beside the house... not sure what this is, but It's very pretty... tiny tiny flowers.

Hyacinth's blooming... they smell great.

So event though it was pelting snow a bit yesterday and this morning, spring is trying to make an appearance.  Now if it would only get a tiny bit sunny so my lettuce will sprout...

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