Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Death or something like it...

I'm grieving right now.  I'm grieving for my life.  That sounds really dramatic, but my husband and I came to the decision to separate, then to divorce, and my life, as I have known it for 18 or so years, is passing away.

This isn't like losing a loved one.  That grief is sharp and poignant and lasting.

This grief is burning.  I have been pushed into the flame, and things are curling up, blackening, turning to ashes.  And I will rise from these ashes to be something new.

But now, I'm still mourning, still grasping for that thing that keeps me moving forward.  When the ashes are carried away on the wind, there's still some shining little seed, ready to reach for the rain and sun and be alive.


seanopaddy said...

Really sorry, Tiff.
No idea when I'll be down your way again, but when I am, I'll let you know. Perhaps a few miles on the trails....
I've no idea if you're a praying person, or what. I am, and I will.
In that context, God bless,

Hrach_Garden said...

Thanks, Sean. I would love any trail time with you, as always. Can't wait to get back on the trails.