Sunday, June 19, 2011

What a difference a couple of weeks makes...

I can't believe we're almost done with June.  My garden is going crazy, and I love it.  I haven't been as good about doing stuff out there as I have been, but there isn't much to do but water and watch and make sure nothing is eating the plants.

I've been training for an Ultra-Marathon, a 50k, that I'm going to be running in October.  I ran my first half marathon last weekend, and yesterday I ran 17 miles on the trail, the furthest I've ever run.  So today I'm tired, but it's a good sort of tired, and I just walked around and checked out the plants, to make sure nothing bad is happening.  Looks pretty good all around.

The raised bed area from the backyard, looking lush.  And Zoe is making sure it's chipmunk free.
Spinach.  I've been harvesting a few leaves at a time and putting it in salads.  Mmmm.
Rest of the lettuce, looking good. Harvested and ate some for dinner.  Again, I just pick off a few leaves here and there to mix together.  Nothing like home-grown lettuce.
Unless it's accentuated with home-grown broccoli.  I harvested a couple smallish heads yesterday.  They were tasty.  They were also starting to bloom, so I knew I better eat them.
The tomatoes are getting jungle-ish.  I keep snapping off suckers, but I know I'm not going to be able to keep up. 
Some little green tomatoes peeking out.  Another week and these should be ripe.
First few Zucchini are ripening.  I won't let them get too large.  Giant zucchini are bleh.
Cabbage had a few worms on it.  I squarshed them!  This is my first year growing cabbage.  I hope it works out.  Mmm home-made coleslaw.
The sweet-corn is doing pretty well.  I replanted a few that didn't sprout, and they're coming up too.  I'm very excited for sweet corn.
Potatoes are growing slowly this year.  Probably because I found them shriveled up in a container in the beginning of June.  Here's hoping.
Lightning bug!

Yay!  My roses are looking sooo nice.  I'm not sure if I'm going to worry about re-blooming or not.  They're so pretty even for the little bit they bloom...
Asian Lilies are blooming, just.  I'm glad I found this orange version last year.  Now I'll have some really nice yellow and the orange ones blooming through the beginning of July.
I really love all this creeping thyme.  I'm hoping I can incorporate it into the yard somewhere... Right now it's very happy at the front of my flower garden.
Lavender is blooming.  I hope the sweet woodruff doesn't drown it out.

Brunnera Macrophylla - Jack Frost.  I love how the flowers look like forget-me-nots, and the foliage is beautiful.  It went into my shade garden.

We're eating more stuff out of the garden.  Harvested a bunch of herbs and made a herb rub for turkey tenderloin tonight using rosemary, thyme, minced garlic, salt and pepper and olive oil.  Rubbed it on generously and grilled.  It was really delicious.  I surprised even myself.

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