Thursday, June 2, 2011

The garden grows...

The garden is looking better and better.  I decided to move a few tomatoes out of one of the beds that wasn't doing quite as well, and am trying my hand at growing sweet corn instead. 
Here are my neat rows of corn... I shouldn't have too much trouble with wind pollination, and I can always break a tassel off and self pollinate (so my friend tells me).  I'm excited about corn growing in the back yard.  We'll see if I planted too late, or if my little corn will be "knee high by the fourth of july" which is always something I've heard around here.  And really, how high is an elephant's eye?  I'll have to find a way to measure next time I get to a zoo with elephants.
I found some old wooden pop-crates at a garage sale last week.  I put potatoes in one, and paired some tomatoes in the other.  I think they'll be happy.  They were a little droopy yesterday, but had perked up by this morning.

Stupid cucumber beetles got to the zucchini.  I'm guessing that they rode along on this seedling from the nursery, since I had no issue with them last year.  This (and my roses) I sprayed with an... um.. "safe" insect killing soap something something, and I haven't seen the little guys for a while.  I tried to hand remove them at first, but they little suckers have wings, and I couldn't get them!

My broccoli has been doing great.  I check it and hand pick off any cabbage worms I find.  I can see the first little tiny heads of broccoli peeking up out of the centers.
I'm going to have an amazing amount of black raspberries this year.  They're just finishing flowering, and I have clumps of them around the yard, against the fences, along the back brushy area.  I can't wait to taste them.
The garlic is getting giant.
Tomatoes are leaning towards the sun.
Lettuce isn't doing quite as well as last year, but still going to have a good amount I think.  I think I'm in the mood for salad for lunch.
Wild strawberries I moved into one of the beds.  They'll be small but if they work well I might try getting some strawberry pots and plants going next year.
My Japanese painted fern is so pretty...
Chinese Weeping... something?  It smells amazing.
Roses should bloom any day now, if the white flies and worms and other bugs stay away.
Daisies and Coleus in an old bucket.  Yay!

Now off for a hike!


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