Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New cookie Recipe.

So I found this recipe for fudge striped shortbread cookies... It seemed easy and I needed to work off some stress in the kitchen...
I had trouble getting the dough into a "log" shape.  I figured this was ok.  I wasn't interested in making them pretty, ok?
Golden brown at the edges.  I let them cool on the sheets for a while, because they crumbled a bit when I tried to move one.  About 30 minutes later they were cool enough to move to a rack.

They turned out kind of pretty after I melted some chocolate chips then used a ziploc bag to pipe the chocolate over them.  Next time I will be smart enough to use a potholder to hold the ziploc bag while I squeeze the chocolate out.  I have a burnt hand because I'm silly.  They're... Ok.  They're not brilliant, but they taste ok.  I actually think I should have used a bit more salt, or used salted butter in the recipe instead of unsalted.  They came out a bit bland.  I'll have to get the opinion of my guys later this evening.  And try not to think about them being made from 2 sticks of butter.  Ugh!  Now I'm off to work out.

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