Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It can't get here too soon...

I'm really, really ready for spring.  I'm ready to do long runs, work in the yard, go on long hikes with the kiddo and pup, get muddy and gross, and just be back outside in general.  I've been prepping myself, my house, my plants... but every time it seems to warm up enough for a tantalizing taste, we get hit with a snowstorm the next day and I'm back shoveling snow instead of dirt like I would rather be doing.  So I'm keeping myself occupied in the house.
Such as keeping the dog shiny and clean.  She doesn't like baths as a rule, but is very good about them, then tears around like a crazy thing afterwards, rubbing herself all over chairs, people, and to my chagrin, snow.  Silly Pup.
 I also have made use of the fireplace more during the "cold snaps" or.. maybe we've been having warm snaps since we're so cold most of the time... anyway, yes I really enjoy the fireplace.  I have gotten into the habit of moving the couch right up in front of it and having a book and a cup of tea handy... or dozing... the warmth has helped after some of my runs recently.  I'm up to 4.5 miles again... it's a long way from the 31 miles I want to run this fall... we'll see if fate cooperates and i can get better at a training regime soon (if it would warm up!)
 The sprouts!  This is after a week.  I planted them too early, I'm sure... the ground will still be frozen by the time they're going to want transplanted... sigh.
 See!  Lots of snow.  At least the crows come visit me for my sunflower seeds I sprinkle just for them on the driveway.  I like crows.  Those of you who don't... Sorry.. I know I'm crazy. I have a thing for them since I had a "pet" wild one for a few months over one summer when I was little.  And yes, he was affectionately named "Caw" and ate roast beef at 5.99 a pound.
 I needed some spring happy, so I encouraged some Forsythia to bloom early this year.  I don't mind that the real stuff probably has another month or more before it'll peek out, at least I have a little cheer on the dining room table...

And here are the sprouts today!  ARGH!  At least I'll be able to transplant them into bigger pots probably and they'll be ok until the beds thaw.  Definately going to build two more raised beds to put in the front yard this year, and maybe a new garden bed for the Blueberry bushes that don't like the lack of sun in the back yard.  I figure the price will come to about $6000, (I'm hoping to get a used truck out of this whole landscaping thing... pipe dreams maybe, but we'll see... )

Supposedly it's going to warm up above 32 degrees today, which means trying for a long run when hubby gets home... I'm hoping for at least 5 miles, upping my milage a bit each time I run trying to get my endurance back after a long and lazy winter.  Here's to hoping!

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