Sunday, October 18, 2015

The week after

It's been a week and a few hours since I finished the Oil Creek 100 miler.  I haven't run much more than a few feet here or there, just to test out the legs, but I feel pretty good.  I've done several hikes and walks, and my body felt pretty good overall. 

The chafing issues healed pretty much within three days.  My second toe on each foot are pretty messed up.  I had a really big blister under each nail, and the toes feel a little... odd now that the blisters have been popped and healed up.  My quads are tired, but not sore.  My knees feel a little sore on downhills while hiking.  My legs are pretty tired on uphills.  Mentally, I'm tired, but good.

Will I do this again?  I think it's too early to answer this question.  I feel... disappointed in myself for cutting it so close, for worrying the people around me.  I thought I was in pretty good shape going into this, but training for running 100 miles is difficult, especially with a small child, a job, and family obligations.  I did my best for the time I had, but I think I could've done better.  Some things, like unexpected back pain, the chafing, were things that I had to deal with, but without those issues, maybe I could've moved faster for longer.

So I'll sign up for "shorter" races for next summer.  I'll think about what I want to do, and maybe try to get a little more "fit" overall.  I have the endurance, I just think I can work on my overall body fitness, if I can make the time and effort.

So far on my race list for next year is Hyner View 25k, maybe Glacier Ridge 50k, maybe the Call of the Wilds marathon to see if I can do it a bit faster, and Tussey Mountainback 50 miler has always been on my list.

We'll see what time and health brings to me this year.  I can't say I'm too disappointed with myself.

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