Sunday, March 1, 2015

Training for the Week of February 21st

In order to keep myself motivated, I'm going to try to keep a training log on my blog.  A blog log?  A jog blog log?

Anyway - This was for the past week and includes an extra Saturday - but I'll start doing Sunday to Saturday as my "week."  And this may get sloppier as I go along, so forgive me.  It's more for me than for you, but I hope it helps other people get motivated too!

Skied 9 miles at Oil Creek trails with Kim and Paula.  Broke my ski pole, but kept going.  Took us about 3 hours.  Cold, with a fine snowfall.  Roads were not great.

Skied 9.5 miles with Rich and Alisha at Wilderness Lodge.  Sunny and sparkly at first, clouded up a little.  Did a few hills, crashed a few times.

Walked Eli the half mile home.  All day trip to Pittsburgh and a cold made me slack off a bit.

Walked about 2 miles to take eli to school, plus waking to the gym and cool down after running.
Ran 3.5 miles at the gym.  Worst problem I had was sniffling with the cold I have, which kept me slower than I would have liked, but no other pains.  Did some planks and crunches after.

Skied 3 miles on Ernst.  Sunny but still pretty bitter.  Skis stuck a bit.  Walked Eli to school and back for a mile walked.

Skied 3 miles at the Erie National Wildlife refuge.  Broke a lot of trail, I’m sure I burned more calories than I did yesterday.  Fine snowfall throughout, but nice day.

Ran 5 miles at the gym on the indoor track listening to music.  I was joined in my run for the last mile by an acquaintance at the college, which was very nice to make that last mile fly by.  I also walked for a cool down and then to pick Eli up which made for 1.5 miles more.  That’s the most I’ve run so far this year in one go.

Walked 1.5 miles with the dog and family to do some sled riding.  Skied 6 miles at night on a night run.  Beautiful night with a waxing half moon and starry skies.

Total for the week: 44.5

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