Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Three days later...

So I think I'm in a bit of a state of post-race depression.  A little of that is pain, though I think I'm recovering remarkably quickly.  I have pain in my feet, mostly, which is fading, and some swelling in my feet as well.  Crouching down requires a bit of iron will to stomach the hurt and the effort to get up again, so I'm mostly avoiding that, and besides a few other twinges, I'm doing ok.

The biggest problem is my headspace.  It's just that let down that months of anticipation leading up to a great event, and then when it's over, the vacant space can be felt.  Now most of what I'm aware of is that I can't do my work around the house very well when my feet are hurting, and when stairs are a challenge, and when bending over and picking up weight takes effort.

So I'm frustrated because my house is cluttered by the race stuff I can't move, the laundry I can't put away or do, and projects or lawn and garden work that I want to get done.

I know,  "Tiff, settle down, you just ran 100 miles!"  But my mind is more complex than that.  Reactions to my feat are luke-warm or incredulous from most people, including some family, and I'm even second guessing my own accomplishment.  I know I'll be happier soon, and that this is just exhaustion and let-down, but three days after, the sadness and feeling of loss I have is real, and I just have to take it one step at a time... just like 100 miles.

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