Friday, July 20, 2012

Weather and Running

It's been a very odd summer.  For a while there in the spring, we had late frosts and late snows, and it seemed like warm weather would never arrive.  Then the past few weeks have been brutal, both heat and humidity wise.

I actually don't mind it.  We don't have air conditioning here, so it's been a dance of my husband's secret "Lock in the cool" skills as he opens the windows at night, and then I close them around mid-morning, before the sun comes up and heats everything.  The nights with a fan blowing on us have been comfortable.  I haven't lost much sleep.  At least not to heat.

Running has been ok.  I have gotten into a routine to run early in the mornings, or run in the woods on the weekends to hide from the heat.  The last full loop of Oil Creek State Park was brutal, but I think it has made me stronger.  I'm enjoying the adventure and challenge brought by the heat, because I'm nothing if not stubborn.

Today was lovely though.  I think mid 60s, breezy, overcast is my perfect running weather.  I wouldn't even mind cooler, but today... I got up, ran out the door, up the hill and away from town.  Along fields and past little country houses, smelling the scent of hay and sky and fields.  Oh and squished snails, but I didn't smell those, thankfully. Small barky dogs warned me away from their yards, and I ran and ran.

It was only 5 miles, but I made it back in time for my husband to get to work, and I was sweaty but not as hot or sweaty as I have been the last few times I've run.  I've been ok this summer, but this kind of day just makes me long for fall...

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