Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reason #7 why my tea is always cold.

Have finished hanging laundry outside while baby is playing happily on the floor. Come back, check on baby, go make tea. Put tea in microwave.

Go pick up baby. Baby has fouled himself. Baby Reeks.

Take baby upstairs, begin to change diaper.

Baby decides to explore his poo-covered genitals with his hand as soon as I open diaper. Wipe hand quickly with wipe. Baby sticks (cleanish) hand in mouth while i clean his bottom. Hand wanders down to explore genitals again, again is wiped. This continues until new diaper is in place. Baby wiggling prevents clothing from being buttoned easily. Do a last wipe on baby's hand. Place baby in office with his toys. Start to play with baby. Tea is forgotten.

Remember tea 20 minutes later.

Reheat tea.

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